Welcome to 666DX,
the exclusive worldwide DX Gang reserved to serious 11m Radio Operators
who have Callsign with unit number 666 

 that promoting good, polite and friendly radio operation;
based in Italy and founded by 1FB666 Danny,
FBDX - Italy Division Coordinator.

is an Old School community with a very simple resources,
unpretentious in graphics and in their use...
Board, Chat, Blog, PM to gather in friendship and share experiences,
help and advise as well as promote personal and group activities.
If you have an 11m Callsign with unit number 666 you can join the Gang.

Membership is free
For Membership, click on the button below or top right.
Registered users log in the form or sign up as a new user.

After registration enter your 11m Callsign in the comments box
and hit the button to send your application to the administrators.
Please register username exclusively with your 11m Callsign with unit number 666
(for example: 1FB666) or the membership request will not be confirmed, thanks.
(No other Callsign or nicknames will be accepted, there will be no exceptions)

11m & 666...bring it on & Just Fun!